Audit and Assurance

One of the benefits of audit systems is the fact it constitutes a valuable tool for benchmarking and performance measurement of your business.

Besides complying with the statutory requirements and internal reporting, an annual audit quality will identify threats and opportunities for the operation of your organization.

With the possession of detailed and reliable information, you can decide what kind of information is most important to retain, adding value for your company.

The performance of any company depends on decisions made quickly and accurate.

tgs members have the experience and knowledge being able to provide audit services with proper security to your company.

tgs can also provide coordination services of the audit process for both the parent company and the subsidiaries through a common enterprise platform.

International Financial Reporting Standards

With a global network global resources arise. Therefore, tgs members are often required to work through a multinational platform in order to ensure that the various international operations are properly performed.

In such a global environment, our teams of professionals often have to work and coordinate their services with colleagues from other countries, which also have to act exactly with the same international regulations.
These regulations include the “Sarbanes – Oxley Act” international standards and international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

Audit services:

Internal control
Regular and periodic reports
Financial reports
Review of annual reports
Performance evaluation and value creation
Risk assessment and management recommendations
Specialized work (due diligence)
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Audits of grants and contracts