Corporate and Business Assessment

The need for evaluation of a company or business field, can occur for various reasons, such as:

Entry of new members
Corporate Restructuring
Enlargements or reductions of capital
Creation of new business lines
Analysis of shareholders’ assets

However we also recommend carrying out periodic reviews of your company to be able to follow the evolution of their real value.

The valuation methodologies we use follow a set of technical criteria that are adopted depending on the type of business or sector where it operates.

These criteria are based on the historical financial information, the comparison with companies in the same sector of activity, growth forecasts sales or turnover according to the economic context, etc..

In our Business Evaluation Reports we present and justify the adopted methodologies to determine their value. Therefore, before applying the valuation methods, usual we perform due diligence to historical information, in order to correct mistakes and information that may distort or skew future financial projections.

Our reports are typically in the following structure:

Financial elements and key historical ratios;
Corrections to the historical values as a result of due diligence;
Valuation Principles;
Key ratios used and detail about the formulas for determining the value;
Sensitivity analysis and calculation

tgs can assess your company or business area, and compare it with other competitors around the world.

We can also provide you with assistance throughout all stages of the negotiation process, proposing and implementing strategies to maximize value.