Mergers and Acquisitions

Usually the reason for a Merger or Acquisition stems from the search for synergies between the companies involved. These synergies can be costs, revenues, financial or operational, or to increase the bargaining power with its suppliers or for business reasons.

The mergers are materialized, usually through the exchange of social positions, quotas or shares. In general, the quotas or shares in companies A and B are exchanged between them, through the calculation of an exchange value, or they are replaced by a new company C. In this case the ratio of this exchange is calculated from the value of companies A and B to C.

On acquisition, the acquiring company pays the amount negotiated with the previous owners of the target company, assuming its heritage assets and liabilities in exchange for the price.

 A merger or acquisition requires the definition of rules of confidentiality and its acceptance by the companies involved. Therefore, the parties should be concerned to formalize their preliminary manifestations of will, if they wish to bring about a merger or Fusion this formalization should occur prior to audits, due diligences or assessments that may be necessary.

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