Internationalization Support

Portugal has few businesses and brands universally known. There are some Portuguese products renowned and truly universal, but they have no real field on the markets. As a consequence of globalization, which facilitated a fast access to competitive products from around the planet, and facing the small size of the national market, Portuguese companies to survive, have been forced to adopt attitudes and strategies that allow them to compete with the rest of world.

A deep transformation is happening in the Portuguese economy. Our economic integration with the rest of the world, which in the last century was restricted to foreign trade, today encompasses a wide range of sectors and not limited to higher economic groups.

Internationalization is a risky venture that consumes financial and human resources and these ones are always scarce. So it should not be undertaken as a response to any failure in the national market, but used as a projection of the advantages achieved in the national market or other markets through exports.

There is also another change in the Portuguese economy – innovation begins to be present and we are increasing the levels of I&D in our companies.

Entrepreneurs are venturing into new markets and as the experience of companies, individual or collective increases, the expansion of Portuguese companies in foreign markets will cover a larger number of sectors, in some cases through partnerships with local entities in sectors activity where we have competitive advantages.

The theory of clusters of Michael Porter face some exceptions in the context of the Portuguese internationalization and the theory of the product life cycle of Vernon, helps to explain the increasing level of innovation and internationalization of the Portuguese economy.

tgs global is an innovative international network, which provides through its members in each country, services to help companies innovate and compete better in the global space. We offer a set of decentralized services and outreach, supporting our customers in their internationalization process and finding strategic partners for innovation and sustainable development of its business.

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