Private Investment Consulting

The international tax planning is a complex activity but should be seen without any reservation or surprise by those responsible for tax planning and wealth management on that sophisticated environment.

Receive the appropriate advice in this area is very important and it can change our lives. Our investment advice will ensure long-term benefits and their financial well-being and the protection of personal property of the increasing demands of local legislators.

tgs has members specialized in this area. With regular reviews we can oversee and plan your personal assets in areas such as tax and estate planning, investment and savings management, asset protection and retirement. We will ensure the maximum yield and minimum taxation whenever possible.

With the increasing likelihood to verify changes in the tax residence of the contemporary business world, tgs is perfectly placed to advise you on the various local tax requirements and any double taxation agreements that exist between nations.

Moreover, our experience extends to the structuring of offshore assets, protecting assets domiciled abroad and regulations governing the obligations of its financial activities in place of their choice.