Statutory Audit

Under legal status that regulates the profession of Chartered Accountant (CA) is the legal duty of Order of Chartered Accountants (OCA) to set standards and technical procedures of professional conduct of CA, according to the generally accepted standards.

That statutory autonomy provides that it is the main and exclusive responsibility of the CA’s, the statutory audit of companies and other entities, through the examination of accounts in order to its legal certification, as well as the exercise of any other functions of public interest to them by law assign.

On the other hand, the regulation of the securities market established the figure of the external auditor to perform audit work and other related capital market, to which societies have exclusive access to auditors (CAS) inscribed in the regulatory authority of that market.

In Portugal, we adopted a concept of audit sufficiently broad and flexible in order to understand all forms of exercise activity, including the statutory audit. The audit concept includes, also, the elements of the financial and statistical audit arising from legal provisions, distinct from the statutory audit.

Consequently the Guidelines Review / Audit uses the term reviewer / auditor to designate both the CA as the CAS even as the external auditors, and the term review / audit to designate both the statutory audit and the audit.

In a regime of complete functional independence and hierarchical, and according to the needs of its customers, we provide around the Portuguese territory, the highest quality of Statutory Auditors, Audit services or any other functions assigned by law to the CA.