tgs global

TGS Global

tgs global is a multinational group to provide support services to the management of companies and organizations. It consists of independent firms, located in different countries, organized through an international network.

tgs global was formed in 2011 with the purpose of offering customers a credible alternative to existing networks. We are in over 30 different countries. We are expanding in a quick and dynamic way, with the short-term goal, the provision of support services to all our customers worldwide.

Its members were carefully selected based on a number of key criteria. These include a quality approach in all aspects of its business; adherence to standards of high quality services and to national and international standards applicable to their profession.

tgs global network is different from the competition, was formed with the purpose of supporting companies in their international development. Each member country is committed to provide excellent quality in all aspects in their professional commitments.

In each country, in order to remain in tgs group, each member must demonstrate a proven track record in their area of service delivery and possess multi-national and international assignments. Their skills and professional skills are verified through a program of periodic quality control by tgs global.

TGS members take a proactive approach in national and international business of its customers by providing a real dynamism to ensure its sustainable growth.

tgs members have expertise in various areas of management support organizations: Audit, Review of Accounts, Taxation, Accounting, Human Resources, Training, Technology Management, Financial Advisory and Management and support for internationalization.

Our range of services across borders, and the approach of business skills in the sectors of our members are mainly designed to support small and medium enterprises or organizations of similar size in its international operations.

A Distinct Service

tgs members have individual and collective skills, sharing his entrepreneurial spirit internally and with their customers. Our commitment is to maintain the highest levels of technical expertise and ensure both compliance with professional standards and the laws in each country of destination of our customers who wish the internationalization of its business.

With tgs our clients can enjoy a fast and quality access to many experts trough a single point of contact for countries around the world.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that each client is unique, with different needs, so our solutions, although inexpensive, are always tailored to your specific needs. However, if you need a complete set of solutions for your business or a specialized and unique service, tgs can provide exactly what you need, no more and no less.


Sometimes, being according with the laws of a particular country is not enough. To ensure that your company is operating continuously in the most tax-efficient, it is also often needed expert advice in specific areas of your business.

Whether business consulting, international tax consulting and advisory or management, tgs will have a reliable contact in your destination country, that will be able to offer the best advice and provide you the services you need.

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